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TV3’s Dzifa Bampoh among influential journalists promoting tourism in Volta region

In a bid to promote tourism in the Volta region, the Regional Minister Dr Archibald Letsa with support from the Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) has initiated the ‘Volta Trade and Investment Fair’ slated for November this year.

The launch is scheduled to take place in August

The initiative is also meant to attract tourists from around the globe to the Volta region and to also draw investments to that part of the oil-producing West African nation.

As part of activities marking the event, selected influential journalists who hail from the Volta region have toured tourists sites in the region to enable them throw more lights in these sites on their various media platforms.

The media personalities are Dzifa Bampoh, Emefa Appau, Bernard Avle, Kafui Dey and Max Fugar. The team started the visit from Sogakofe, to Keta, to Dzodze, to Ho, Amedzorfe to Hohoe.

The aim is to draw attention and also leverage the influence of these media personalities from the region to highlight the opportunities therein.

The next tour is in September.

The media practitioners are seeking to push, tourism, agribusiness and ICT as potentials.


Volta region got it all. The beautiful people, tourism, great culture and heritage, perfect weather and environment, good food, exciting traditions, human resources and above all diversity.

So what’s the issue, why is the region still struggling to stand and make an impact. Kodus to all the notable journalists from Volta creating this awareness to tourism in the region. Visit Volta and thank me later

Wow Volta region is really a beautiful place anyone can visit. Peaceful atmosphere and beautiful places. The tourism industry can take advantage of this crusade by Dzifa Bampo, Benard avle and other medIA kingpins to generate revenue. All they need to is collaborate with each other.

We need to maximize revenue from tourism to contribute to our national GDP