Trans couple make headlines as baby is born by the husband

A transgender model and her husband welcomed their first biological child after her husband agreed to carry the pregnancy to full term.

Danna Sultana is a Columbian model who was born male but now identifies as a woman. She and her husband, Esteban Landrau, also a trans-man decided that they would have their child through the conventional conception and birth methods. Esteban Landrau, who was born female, now identifies as a male. He kept his reproductive organs and agreed to carry the pregnancy.

According to local media, the couple achieved this feat because they still have the reproductive organs they were born with. During his pregnancy, Dana shared a photo on Instagram kissing the baby bump with a caption, #LoveisLove, #Transpregnacy.

Dana also shared a pic of their newborn baby with the caption, “And you came into my life to teach me to love without conditions.”

The couple is famous for breakingstereotypes in the trans community


Interesting, why are people trying to change the course of nature, this is so wrong in so many ways

Transgender is quite common, perhaps not in Africa though. A woman having male genitals and a man having female reproductive organs are quite natural. What is new to me is the pregnancy.

So this people are actually succeeding in changing the nature’s course. Wow, now they are trying to normalise every thing even ‘transpregnacy’ Hmmm