Top Five(5) most Dangerous Bridges in the world. Number 2 is in Ghana

Bridges are usually paths which were created for persons to cross to the other side of their journeys. There are numerous bridges in the world. In today’s article, let us look at the top five most and dangerous and scary bridges in the world.

#5 Royal Gorge Bridge

This bridge is located in Colorado. It is the highest bridge in the United states of America. It is however a tourist site. It cross the Arkansas river with a height of 955 feet. People pay in order to use the bridge. Vehicles are allowed to use this scary bridge at a fee.

#4.The Titlis Cliff Walk

This is the highest suspension bridge in all of Europe. It is located in Switzerland. It has a height of 100m and the wideness of the bridge is just 1 meter. It is impossible for someone to actually fall from that bridge. It was also built to stand all weather conditions. It took five month to complete this bridge.

#3. Chinas Sidu River Bridge.

This bridge in China is 1222 meters long and also over 4000 ft high. It is a suspension bridge which crosses the valley of Sidu River. It is very dangerous and scary to drive on. Most people usually go slow when driving on it. However, it is one of the most beautiful suspension bridges in the world.

It was opened in November, 2009 and still remain firm and strong.

#2. Kakum National Park

You did not expect this to be on the list right. Yes, it is part and it is one of the most dangerous and scariest bridges in the world. Most people do cry whenever they walk on it. The bridge is 100 meters above the ground. It is located in Ghana in West Africa. It is one key tourist attraction venue in the country.

#1. Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan

It has been considered the most dangerous bridge in the world. It is located in Pakistan with a height of 2600 meters above the ground. The inhabitants of the villages on both sides of the Hunza River built a suspension bridge with materials from the area that ended up being of doubtful stability and is the only way that connects the people of both sides of the river.

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The bridge is very narrow, too high above the lake and most of the wooden planks are missing .
For me I think it is the only one of many precarious rope bridges in the world.

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