Tokyo 2020: 10 Nigerian athletes disqualified from Olympic Games

In a statement, the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) said the affected athletes failed to achieve the minimum number of doping tests required to compete at the games.

The AIU is an independent body created to oversee anti-doping regulations by the World Athletics.

In all, 20 athletes from seven countries have been disqualified from the Games, with Nigeria being the most affected.

Three athletes each from Ukraine and Belarus have also been disqualified, while Kenya has two disqualified athletes.

“Despite significant improvements in the domestic testing programmes in countries categorised as being the highest doping risk to the sport under the World Athletics Anti-Doping Rules (Anti-Doping Rules), 18 athletes from the final entries for the Tokyo Olympic Games are not eligible to compete because the minimum testing requirements under Rule 15 of the Anti-Doping Rules were not met by ‘Category A’ Federations,” a statement from the AIU said.

*“In addition, two athletes from Kenya were replaced by the National Federation prior to the submission of their entries to World Athletics. Nigeria is the most affected country, not meeting the minimum testing requirements under Rule 15 for 10

It added: “Under the framework of Rule 15 governing National Federation Anti-Doping Obligations, which came into force in January 2019, National Federations are accountable for ensuring appropriate anti-doping measures are in place in their respective jurisdictions.

“Among other things, the Rule sets out minimum requirements for testing on the national teams of ‘Category A’ federations deemed to have the highest doping risk and considered as a threat to the overall integrity of the sport.”

Source : BBC

Nigeria no dey carry last indeed. Just small Tokyo Olympics and you are doping. It is a cheating attitude and unacceptable in sports. Good they have been disqualified from the games