Throwback Thursday: The good old days

It’s #ThrowbackThursday, so this post is dedicated to foods/snacks/candy/drinks that defined the average Ghanaian childhood. I’ve tried so much to gather others that made our childhood awesome but couldn’t get pictures of those. Here are the ones I got and which ones were you in love with back in the days. Mine is Jolly juice, Picadelly, Alewa black and white, P.K.

Make dem tell you? The indomie generation won’t know all this :joy::joy::joy:

Awwww… memories. Where did all these companies go? A chop all some before ooo :laughing:

How will indomie generation know all this?:joy::joy: I remember during my primary school days, we use to fetch water and then mix the jolly juice and share amongst ourselves. The memories these things gave us will forever remain in our mind and heart. :joy::joy:

The memories keeps coming. As for the companies it’s left with just a few of them.

Then you really enjoy back then. :joy::joy:

The 1st and 2nd pic weak me :joy::joy::joy::joy:

P.K and Jolly Jus :joy::joy:. We’ve really come a long way.

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Gen Zs never got to see these, what’s popular today tho?

Indomie, KFC, Pizza and nothing else.

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Hahahahahaha, I guess its safe to say they missed out on a lot huh @Danny

The funny thing is every generation will think what they had was the best and that the next generation missed out. So we think the newer generations missed out on Jolly Jus and Fan Ice, they will also think their time with pizza, indomie and KFC was better than whatever will come later.

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Yeah, when I remember the unforgettable memories those stuffs gave us, I think it’s safe to say they’ve missed out a lot.

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That’s so true. My mom was telling me how they enjoyed their days and she was trying to say, it was so fun compared to ours. After she was done talking, I was like was that even fun compared to ours? We were having Juvita(who remember this drink?), Malt N Milk, assisted by Jolly Jus and what’s fun than this? :joy::joy: