Throwback photo of Abena Korkor without hips pops up

Ghanaians have been left in a state of shock after a throwback photo of Abena Korkor popped up on social media.
Participating in the usual throwback Thursday challenge, she captured the attention of netizens with a memory of her adolescent years.
The photo is believed to have been taken shortly after she completed Aburi Girls Senior High School, having led as a school prefect.

The then aspiring model could be seen posing in front of a tree while rocking her dashiki dress and a pair of sandals.

What shocked her fans the most was not the innocence she displayed, but her physique.

Per the photo, she could be described as a ‘regular’ girl with no exaggerated hips and buttocks, unlike her appearance presently.

The 31-year-old can now boast of an hourglass figure and has realised her dream as a model, though plus-sized.

Source: adomonline

Abena korkor won’t won’t allow us be, she’s been doing the most lately, we understand her condition but we are tired too .she should just lay of social media for a while

Time, money, exposure and influence have great effect on us.
This Korkor lady was not like that ooo. All of a sudden, her videos were circulating all over. At times, I wonder if it is to gain public attention.

Abena korkor is very beautiful woman and she’s intelligent too. The bipolar disorder is the only problem worrying her . She can do better with her life ahead. women must not always look beautiful in make up , they should also look beautiful in their naturals

Hmm my love for the name abena alone disqualifies me to comment on this story. I love korkor for her boldness and intelligent ways of doing things though people believe she’s not normal. Bipolar or no bipolar, I’m for abena