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Thousands of Senegal supporters waiting for their national team at the airport (see photos)

On Sunday night the Senegal national team who won the Africa Cup of Nations cup for the first time in their history.

The Africa Cup of Nations tournament is the biggest tournament in Africa, it unites all the countries that are based in Africa.

No doubt winning is surely the biggest achievement your country could ever achieve in the football department.

Well, Senegal is currently the happiest country in the continent at the moment. This comes after being able to beat Egypt in the finals.

Senegal were able to get a chance early in the first half, however, they were not able to convert from the spot.

The match ended up going to the extra time and also to the penalties.


That was when Senegal managed to come on top. Now, as they return home, they return as heroes.

The pictures of the Senegalese waiting for their national team is just breathtaking. Check them out:

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