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This just crossed my mind

Why do people say the words MAY YOUR SOUL RIP to the dead? The soul neither dies nor rests last time I checked.

Think Stephen Colbert GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Good question. But I guess to those people if one dies, they die with the soul as well? Makes no sense. This shows we have NO IDEA about death, life or the soul. If you ask me I’d say the soul is made-up, there’s nothing like it, if you die, you’re gone.

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Fair point, hahhahahahaha

The reason I believe there’s no soul is this, BEFORE someone is born, do they have a “soul”? If so what was that soul doing, where was he hiding? How is that soul “activated” when a person is born? A lot of b0llsh!t going here to me.

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I’ve heard different schools of thought on that i.e. the soul is some sort of LIGHT and before birth, this LIGHT chooses its EARTHLY parents and is BORN or REBORN to or through them. Furtherance to that, it is said that each of us has either been here once or twice or thrice (cuz they say we can be here ONLY 3X) or never before and so there’s INCARNATION and REINCARNATION. This unsolved MYSTERY of WHO we are, WHERE we come from, and WHERE we will go from HERE continues to pile up countless HYPOTHESES from HUMANS. For me, I’ve learned to LISTEN more to my UNCONSCIOUS SELF and not allow external noise to get me all worked up cuz there’s a lot of NOISE out there.