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This is just a food 4 thought

Who came up with the word ‘Understand’ to mean something positive? I propose they were cynical coining up such a word. Under + stand = if you understand a situation or a person, it sorta means standing under them, no? Or perhaps, just allowing oneself to ‘stand under’ to avoid escalation of a situation. I know there’re other perspectives to this :slight_smile:

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Your points are valid. I agree with you. Understanding someone means you submit yourself to their explanation, in a way but not quite. It could also mean you’re satisfied with what (information) their “feeding” you, by standing under them to be “fed” some explanation. A feeder is always “up” giving something “down”… like a cat or a dog, not to say humans are cats/dogs but it’s an analogy. A feeder is the provider, you’re the receiver and you have to stand under them to receive. They are “higher” than you. :stuck_out_tongue: Just made this up hahaha.

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You sound here like a poultry farmer or plan to become one, hahaha


We need analogies in languages to understand each other. Languages are very complex.

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