Things that kill relationship fast?

What are some of the factors that kill relationships and break the bond between people? Share your thoughts with me. We can all get better by learning from each other.

The greatest thing that kills relationship is doubt . If there is no trust and it’s only doubt , I bet you your relationship will die within a second

What if the doubt has reasons. If someone gives you reason to doubt them, why must you trust them in the name of relationship? @KhodedBoss2

Lots of people we have as friends exploit us, blackmail us and still laugh and sleep with us , we can only doubt them to be on the safer side

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In all the 3 mentioned I choose trust issues because if both parties trust each other masa forget the 2

I get your point ooo Buh doubt is something that will kill it fast . Abi if you start doubting then you make up your mind whether to still be there or you should leave .

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That’s the doubt am talking about… it’s trust issues that leads to doubt

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