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These are disturbing to hear

These coups around Ghana in neighboring countries are worrying and as a matter of fact quite scary.

Very nice. Soon it’ll be Ghana’s turn <3

How I want the NDC and NPP out for their incompetence eh? You don’t even know. They are stealing and fucking up the country.

Sometimes when you think about NPP and NDC, you’ll end up wishing there’s a coup here to dethrone both parties. I don’t subscribe to coup or any other thing that will be a threat to the peace we’re enjoying today,

We can’t run away from the fact that, there are so many coups happening around us but I don’t wish that on us. We need to beef up our security in and around our borders.

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Fearo! How many more years do you want us to suffer? Akuffo Addo and co are stealing our money into Swiss bank accounts you’re hear saying “peace”… What peace? There’s no peace in Ghana, the violence has been camouflaged so you don’t see it. Peace?? You call presidents and officials borrowing like they are mad only for you and I to pay through taxes peace? Don’t be fooled, we’re not living in peace now, never did, corruption and theft by the government is raping us indrectly.

Couldn’t help but notice this part of your message. Had these thoughts before, that Dampare is some sort of ‘chill pill’, a diversion to try to calm nerves and to create an atmosphere of calm while ‘they’ steal clandestinely in the background.