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The weaponization of the western media against other nations

Is a great power when you control the narrative.

The weaponization of the western media news against other countries is far more devastating than anyone can imagine.

From big giants media to small groups all seems to have one objective , support the west imperialism and promote their ideologies around the world, and the internet seems to be the perfect tool to achieve that

“Is a tragedy when many people think the western media has their best interest at heart and is there to provide accurate information.” When it comes to accurate and truthful information, the western media is the least source for one to turn to, hence they’re interested in promoting their own ideologies

The assassination of many Africans leaders and many more around the world, the war in Ukraine, covid, has been washed with lies to destruct the majority from ever coming to know the truth about what’s truly happening or what has happened

It also seems that the majority rely on the western media to know what’s happening around the world. but that also has given them total monopoly to manipulate the narrative to suite their own agenda.

A typical example was how Mohammed Gaddafi was demonize and condemned by the western media in other for them to carry out their agenda, that’s to secure their interest in lybia. I don’t think the majority of today’s people can estimate the negative consequences todays media has on their personal lives and what they choose to support or disregard

What I’m getting at is, When it comes to receiving accurate and truthful information, the western media is the last thing one should consider

Thanks for reading I hope you find some value in it

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