The trash capital of Africa is...?

This is how a foreigner sees Accra… as the trash capital of the whole of Africa. Well, I can’t argue with him. We live like animals and I really DON’T know why. Two days ago I went out and met this Russian girl who had met a black for the first time. She asked me “Is it true blacks have low IQ?”, for a moment I wanted to get defensive, angry and combative, then I thought "wait, she must have a good reason to be asking this seemingly FOOLISH question.

I just answered: “Yes, it’s true.”

We’re at a point where I feel so ashamed of myself and my people. Look at our politicians, planning to build a church when people don’t have basic needs. How do you expect me to answer the question “Is it true blacks have low IQ”? How can you defend this?

The video has sub-titles if you turn it on.


Bro you very right to accept that question and its a fact that Ghana we have a low IQ💯

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I don’t accept that the blacks have low IQ buh it’s just that we think we are smarter than anybody else. And that’s the thing killing us slowly

When we have our politicians constantly giving the whites the impression that we are living in jungles and co-existing with monkeys, their expectations of us will definitely be low. How can you be living expensively than the one who financed you? How can you be traveling with an expensive hired private jet to plead for debt cancellation? Why won’t it be assumed that blacks indeed have a low IQ? I’m bleeding!

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We are bleeding :drop_of_blood: period bro :sunglasses:

I disagree with you and @siaw , we don’t have low IQ as you want to make us believe. Africans are actually the movers and shakers of the world currently but they are doing so in other jurisdictions that belongs to the white people rather than Africa. If all Africans living in diaspora will come and help plan and build, the European or Western world will come here for aid and support.

The Whites have higher low IQ than blacks. Check them well.


Bro I’m saying that because the people we are learning and borrowing money from some of their ministers cycle to work on daily basis but u just imagine our president going to commission a single transformer and over 30 convoys.
Are they not wasting fuel??

Africa have everything that a country needs to be independent or self reliant talking of natural resources. Now I don’t agree with Blacks having low IQ but what will make someone thinks so is where the question lies. Ever since most African countries gained independence from the Whites, they have not being self reliant and still runs to their colonial masters for help whiles there are natural resources that can be extracted, refined and process it right here to add value it.
The major natural resources of the UAE are petroleum and natural gas and that’s what they used in developing their country into such a world class country which we dream off in so many years in Africa. Technically the Russian girl is right and we need to change our bad and corrupt leaders over the years who are not thinking or caring about making the African continent a world class despite all our naturally gifted resources.

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For the record, I don’t think @siaw agreed to we blacks having low IQ. He’s saying he couldn’t defend it because we gave them reasons to think that way in the first place.


Our situation is inevitable and I’m saying this because, the system has been like flawed for centuries and it will take a longer time to change it, and evidently it’s our character as Africans to think about ourselves and not others, only few people break this character trait. For instance, if South Africa were to be dominated and solely owned by Africans it won’t be as it is today. So yeah we live like animals indubitably, and we will continue to live like that.Because it’s acharacter trait and most of us will do what our leaders are doing, if we are giving the same power.

You and who live like animals, ? you and who will continue to live like that? I’m not part cos I don’t see myself with low IQ. You want to condescend yourself, fine , you can do so but you can’t bask all blacks into it. We are progressing , at least.

You’re taking too many things personal. Relax. Most of elements in this thread are figurative/metaphorical.

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I don’t know what to say about or this but what I know is that we Africans don’t have the lowest IQ that they think and we are not giving them any reason or what so ever. Yes I agree that we have our own flaws, we have unkempt and dirty environments yet they (whites) still wants us in their countries to work for it to be developed.
This wasn’t how the country was and I blame all our leaders for being for being selfish and are always looking after their interest and not their people

My responses are also metaphorical and figurative. The only thing is don’t employ euphemism or pun too much in writing.

So it’s the same thing , unless you see it from a different perspective

I saw all the comments and wanted to add a voice but because I’m a pan Africanist , i may go too hard on the topic; everyone has their ways of understanding an opinion a d don’t want my views to be misquoted or understood this context.

Let me zip my mouth and be going .

Even if we take things literally, there’s NO way you can defend we’re smarter than anyone (black of green) who keeps their beaches clean. Have you watched the video I posted?? Watch the video and tell me you’re a proud Ghanaian, then we can talk.

Let me come to the issue of Accra being dirty; Has any one ever bothered to find out the number of refuse dump we have in the country? Again has any one ever bothered to know why we pay a huge sum of money to in order to dump this refuse? No. Did any of you know that most of our bola men who take money from us to get rid of our rubbish end up dumping them in our gutters? Am sure that at’s is a No too.

My point is it’s most of us are not at fault for all these things. Should we be provided a place am sure the country wouldn’t be like this.
And @siaw did you know that those who think we have the lowest iQ are looking for more black people to come and work in their countries?

False. You don’t have any basis for this.

They dump our bola in gutters. So WE SHOULD STOP them. We’re smart aren’t we. That’s my point. We’re not DOING anything proves we’re smarter. Everything we’re doing shows we are not thinking smart enough.

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We are not saying we are smarter than them by they know we are smart and will never admit it because they are scared of us :relieved:. They fear our strength. They are just cowards and comforting them selves with that saying that they are better than us. Wait till we get a good leaders in Africa and they will be surprised

Let’s forget what someone said or what another race thinks. In my opinion we’re are not thinking! Whether or not someone thinks we have a low or high IQ. If I see what some of us do, I have NO WAY to propagate that we’re thinking.