The myth about Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell are both recognized in majority of the religions found in the world. As to whether the concept of Heaven and Hell is true or false, nobody has ever proven that with an evidence. Years back, I found the whole idea of heaven and hell which happens to exist right in our lives on earth but not elsewhere in the spiritual world or so ever. We’ve being using heaven and hell in our daily speeches but many are not paying attention to what it is. This is how I understand heaven and hell.
If you have more than enough to eat and drink, a place to call a home, good health, happiness, love etc then of course you’re living in Heaven. Likewise, if you can’t even afford one square meal in a day, you’re always battling with sickness, unhappy in life, lack of love from people, you don’t have a place to call a home etc then such a person is living in Hell. I want to share this video with you all.

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People say Heaven is abstract. The evidence you seek to find about heaven’s existence is in the bible. I also don’t believe in flying to somewhere called heaven. God originally created the Earth perfectly and it was paradise until sin corrupted it. God will cleanse the earth again to make it pure and perfect .

As for hell, it’s total annihilation of recalcitrant unrighteous. They won’t exist anymore.

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This is exactly what I want people to understand. How can something that can’t be proven to exist billion years ago up to date is highly believed by some people. What shows heaven and hell doesn’t exist right here on earth but not somewhere else in the spiritual realm and also not as scary as it has been framed in majority of the religions found in the world.

To summarize everything, ones life or the situation one find himself on earth is what we can say he/she is living in heaven or hell.

So where are you living? Heaven or hell?

I can’t choose either but at the moment, looking at the things going on in my life, I can say I’m living in heaven.

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