The More You Insult My Wife, The More She Makes Money – Xandy Kamel’s Husband Speaks

Ghanaian actress and television presenter Xandy Kamel and her husband, Kaninja are deeply enjoying themselves as a married couple as they are one year into marriage.

Kaninja, a sport presenter and journalist shared his experience in marriage for the past 15 months, revealed that he is a matured person now.

Speaking on how he feels about the trolls and criticisms that his wife, Xandy Kamel come under on social media, he said that he understands what she is doing and for him, any time people attack his wife verbally it reflects on her bank account as the more they insult her, the more she makes money because her primary source of income is from social media.

According to fine-looking radio presenter, the main people who are affected by what his wife puts on social media is her family so if her family is okay with it, he is has no issue also.


They put their personal life out there and when people decide to question or criticize them they get offended and start throwing tamtrums on social media, Good for her tho!

Yeah that is the problem of the Ghanaian entertainment industry. Ithe thrives only on insults and attacks. Xhandy herself insults other celebrities live on TV.

She does that on angel tv every now and then and when we talk ,they will say you are hating on them. Are these serious people you want us your role models?

The celebrity title is so cheap in Ghana. Because of that, most of them feel godlike, and that they are so important than other people. The fact the you show on Tv because you work in a TV station does not warrant you to downgrade other people.

Sometimes you just have to ignore people who insult you and capitalize on that to make your more important and happy

. Xhandy kamel has been insulted by some section of the social media but she moves on peacefully with her job as a TV presenter. She’s making money and that’s it