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The human conditioning is a serious problem ( video)

Video… couldn’t upload video

Human nature is not basically good. Whatever that means to us

Many times over and over again we are constantly fighting each other over resources or in a competition with everyone around us. This of course is tied to our natural instinct for survival but I don’t know if is right or wrong

Humans naturally want power over others and sometimes it can be very disastrous and harmful.
I mean what’s Instagram if it is not a place for people who desire power and recognition.

We all want to get recognized for the work we’ve done, that’s fine. but to seek fame as end of everything is a big problem and that leads people to do all sorts of things

Many people have chosen to be in certain fields today, especially politicians, not because they love serving their country but because you get a lot of fame if you’re an MP for example. This is a big problem

You can’t trust humans with power, to some extend power corrupts people. And absolute power corrupts absolutely

So it is incredibly hard to make a perfect society with these raw materials.

I can talk about the general idea and I could be wrong.

But it is not that the devil is making sure you do evil things. Many times is our own attitude

Thanks for reading

Why couldn’t you upload the video? Did you get any errors?

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The video format was not supported. @siaw

what’s the extension of the video?

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I even converted the video to mp4 format, but still no success. Maybe you can have a look for yourself. I don’t think I’m the only person having this problem