The honeymoon is over - Speaker Bagbin declares

Accra, July 21, GNA - Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin on Wednesday complained of errant behaviour of some Members of Parliament, which has affected their reputation and urged them to restore the dignity, majesty, the mighty and aura of parliament.
The Speaker complained about un-parliamentary behaviours and conduct of some of the legislators in the chamber touching on dressing, lateness and absenteeism, and tasked the Second Deputy Speaker to monitor the attendance of the members.

He referred to events of the dawn of 7th January 2021, and said it would require a conscious effort to remodel to profile of the Ghanaian MP.

In an address to the House on Wednesday afternoon, the Speaker took note of some behaviours unbecoming of some MPs, and urged, that they stopped forthwith to restore the dignity of the House.

The Speaker declared to them that, “the honeymoon is over,’ and asked the MPs to let the Ghanaian electorate continue to have good reason for voting them to represent them in the august House.

“We need to give the citizens enough reason to keep addressing us as MPs.” Speaker Bagbin urged.

Source :GNA

Who got married? Doesn’t it tell us that some of the parliamentarians go there to joke. If I want to go by what he the speaker is saying, it means the house had no been serious all this while after resuming office.
Dear parliamentarian, please be serious and make sensible laws that will help the nation and the constituency

This has been the culture of our MPs since Adam. How can members of parliament be behaving like children? They don’t pay them such gargantuan salary to be late or absent from parliament. They are to do a job and that is why we voted for them. We look up to them for guidance and most of use see them as role models. They should behave themselves, with all due respect.