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The Final FIFA World Cup Draw 2022

What is/are your take on the just ended FIFA World Cup Draw 2022? Do you think Ghana has the chance to qualify out of Group H? @siaw, @Emp_Sel, @Syrupkuv, @Atinga, @Aharon, @AfricanPrince, @BigBoss.

:joy::joy:… I didn’t want to comment on this because people would think I’m not patriotic. But honestly speaking the truth always hurt, 3b3y3 den paa… I fear for this group, but considering the kind of composure and ambition this squad has… I believe anything is possible… for me I see either Portugal and South Korea going through.

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hmmmm, that’s a tough one Danny, won’t be easy. Portugal, Uruguay and Korea are all great teams. As it stands, the cards are on the table; the odds could go either of two ways. I listened to someone’s take on Jordan’s role and he made sense, says Jordan is in fact carrying out his role diligently and this new, young and local coach will definitely want to prove himself and thus change the narrative (that foreign coaches are better) so lets give him a bone, see what he does with it.:slight_smile:

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So true. I never imagined this and looking at the teams(Portugal, Uruguay and South Korea) in our group, I simply don’t know the one we can just thrash. It’s really going to be tough and we all must admit the fact at hand. I wish Black Stars all the best though.

At this point in time, all we can wish for the Black Stars is the best. Now in the football fraternity, there is no easier opponent. Who ever thought North Macedonia was going to beat Italy? Absolutely no one. Football is full of surprises so let’s not be too quick to judge even though, we all have our predictions in mind.

We are lucky to even be in this group. :joy: In as much as I know we can’t survive teams like Portugal and South Korea, we need to avenge our loss to Uruguay when we meet them again. If we can do that before finally being thrashed, I am okay.

Aha! :joy:

Everyone thinks this group it has. Trust me, we’ll proceed out of this group, we’ll score Korea and Uruguay for sure, draw with Portugal. Exactly like I’ve written it, if someone wants to bet they’re welcome. :smiley:

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It’s really going to be hell.

As for Uruguay, Louis Suarez should better come to Qatar with Wheelchair and Crouches. I won’t speak much about the rest but it’s an advice I’m giving him free of charge :joy::joy:

Now each and every one of us have turned into mathematicians ahead of the World Cup :joy:. That is just by the way, I will support Black Stars too. :ghana::sweat_smile:

I think we got a chance to make it through. We can’t predict what can or will happen when it comes to Soccer. I know definitely, we will beat Uruguay, redemption time.

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Beating Uruguay will be no walk in the park. The squad that faced them in the 2010 was something else. As for South Korea, those guys are very swift so no underestimating them. Portugal is a different beast on a different level. Either way, all the best to Ghana.

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