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The epistemology of science

Most people believe that scientific discovery and invention is the summit of everything, and we can trust scientists to tell us about the past and the future, but that is highly implausible, because science corrects itself, when there’s better explanation and understanding that explain more of our universe.

Looking at science this way, bring the small details into focus. because scientists are creating something not discovering anything and there’s great difference if you at look that this way. And just like every creation, there’s always a limitation

When it comes to getting to know the deep stuff of our cosmic world, science cannot explain because science is presenting us a small understanding piece version of our universe.

all we have are guesses about reality.
it’s not a random guess. It’s a guess that has stood up against trials, against attempts to show that it’s false. It’s not that everyone who decides to have a guess stands on equal footing.

When people are unable to show that something’s false—via this method of refutation—then we accept it as a piece of knowledge. This allows us to accept the fact that we’re going to be able to make progress in the future, because all of our knowledge is conjectural. All of it is our best guess at the time.

Quantum theory , the theory of evolution all this are rigorous explanation of our universe, but this always shows how limited we are in our understanding of the universe. We create this hypothesis and abstract concepts and convince the rest of the world that this is the final truth this is how thing should be done.

But we will all agree that there’s no such thing as settle truth, there’s only better explain that we have access to now, that will be replace overtime with other better explanation

Science, philosophy, mathematics, are all human creation, they’re not the truth about reality. they’re tools that help us justify ourselves as species and make progress but along the way we hit a limitation that needs new method, so knowledge is infinite