The Doctor Advised Her Father to Take Her Home to Die Peacefully but She Did not Die (Photos)

Zubaida was going with her parents when she was 9 years old. In Afghanistan’s Farah district, she grew up with her father and mother and 8 family members. Zubaida’s body and eyes were severely burned in the smoke, and she has never fully recovered. Kudos to the specialists who restored her health, she now looks a lot better than before.

Zubaida was putting gasoline into a blazing internal frying pan on that terrible day. She caught fire as the gasoline ignited, and she suffered wounds to her head, hair, belly, and legs.

Her dad carried her to a neighbouring healthcare professional after the fire was put out, where she later provided first aid and medication, but her health worsened, and her dad decided it would be better to transfer her to Iran for rehabilitation.

What she looked like when she was affected by the fire:

She was hospitalised for 20 days before being released, with the specialist advising her parents to take her home so she could die at home. Zubaida did not die, although her wounds left her with a horrific deformity, key functional disability, and a severely lowered self-esteem.

Zubaida’s parents got support from Us specialists in 2002, and she was transferred to an American military base in Kabul. She spoke with US troops specialists, who proceeded to approach the State Department to see what they could do.

When she was flown out for treatment:

Doctor Peter Grossman, a plastic and transformation specialist at the Grossman Burn Center in California, was approached by the department. Zubaida was sent to the United States’ Grossman Burn Center for surgery. However, over a span of a year, she accomplished twelve major procedures in a short space of time.

How she has transformed after the surgery:

Her recovery was incredible, so she was able to start schooling for the first time in her lifetime at Round Meadow Elementary School in Calabasas. After twelve weeks, she was able to communicate in English.

Because of everything she has already been through, Zubaida would always be afraid. Only when you see her in reality, you will be stunned by her captivating personality and beauty. We should never ever lose faith, continue to be strong and push on, nobody knows what may happen in the future, we can only prepare for it. The human spirit of generosity is extremely inspiring.