The current state of the newly commissioned Pokuase Interchange [VIDEO]

The four-tier Pokuase interchange which was commissioned by the President last year which is 2021 cost is estimated at $94.8 million dollars and funded by the African Development Bank and the Government of Ghana. I’ve being seeing this heart wrenching situation around the newly commissioned interchange and I captured videos of it which I want to share with you all.

The interchange has been engulfed in refuse and I’ve being wondering how we’re treating such an expensive interchange like that. Some behaviors of Ghanaians must stop. We feel so comfortable living in filth and making a mess out of everything whether good or bad in Ghana.

This is where I don’t agree with you. There are refuse around, but also did you see any dustbins around? Any CCTV camera to capture people littering? People are generally stupid, if you build something like this you need to protect it, in Europe people who litter they same way if there were no dustbins and CCTV cameras around!! We’re animals, remember.


I guess @siaw is right :ok_hand:t4:

I agree with you. There is none over there but why should one do that? Littering indiscriminately because there is no dustbins or CCTV cameras to watch you? There are places in Ghana I can show you a video of that when by chance I come across one. There are dustbins as well as CCTV cameras all around but the dustbins are there empty and people leave their refuse around it instead of dumping it in the bin. We’re fond of that. I generally don’t blame ourselves but that’s how the system has been made, “nobody watches anybody” which is a bigger problem.

I saw the developments going on there and it’s not a good sight. Though there are no hawkers there, the place needs constant surveillance and maintenance. The assembly just left everything at the mercy of the people.


Now I just don’t know who to blame. How can less than a year old interchange buried in refuse at this point. I know Ghanaians and even if dustbins are placed at key points or areas around the interchange, some people will bypass that and litter around. CCTV camera will also help but I know my people won’t bother much about it. I need the military around such a place to check such things and we will see the difference.

Ghanaians generally have a bad attitude towards national development. From bottom up, everyone is paranoid and lackadaisical. Must we be policing everything? Can’t the citizens have an oita of sense to do the right thing without being Policed? Tueh

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