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The Clash Of The Titans: Bayern vs Barca

I have a feeling Barcelona is winning this one tonight! That squad is scary :anguished:

No offense to Bayerns dominance in their last meetings but right now they are not going anywhere! It still doesn’t mean Barca will get it easy. I guess 7pm we’ll find out.

That’s right. Personally I don’t believe Bayern stand the chance.

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You were saying :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Abi you wanted your boy to win right. Guess what, Bayern still owns Barca :joy::joy:.

4 - 0 paaaa, how???!

@Emp_Sel what happened to your boy? :smiley:

Happy Eddie Murphy GIF by Laff

It was unfortunate Barca couldn’t be more clinical. It was a great game and and I hope 2leg will be different. The curse will soon break!

Lewandowski will definitely have his revenge. They have one more chance to make things right. And it’s 2:0 against Barca btw.

Let’s talk about Chelsea. Looks like they might not even qualify for Europa :joy:
They are struggling af :joy:

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I beg some of us believe we will oooo

You know hear of Graham Potter before anaaa!!

I take back my word on that though!:joy::joy: Still Bayern!
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