That Black Sherif Guy Is Mad”-Yaw Tog Sparks Controversy

Thorsten Owusu Gyimah, popularly known as Yaw Tog has made a controversial statement on social media, sparking mixed reactions among social media

Yaw Tog who hails from the city with Black Sherif, both Kumericans has been misunderstood by some netizens following a statement he made against his colleague.

In a tweet, Yaw Tog who most Ghanaians and industry players have tagged as disrespectful due to certain statements he makes about others has ended on the wrong side of netizens.

Recall, the young rapper who is currently in London preparing for the Ghana Party In The Park was being lambasted after he claimed to have made the British rapper, Stormzy more popular in Ghana with his “Sore” remix.

In a recent tweet. Yaw Tog whose intention was only to big up his colleague, Black Sherif stated thatThat black sheriff guy is mad.

The “Mad” he used in the tweet is a figurative word signifying that Black Sherif is creative and dope.


After reading Yaw togs post , I didn’t see anything harmful he said . It was one of those unofficial language that they speak as showbiz people. If he says “this song is mad” it means the song is good. Don’t take things outhat of context

The media like tasty stories so twisting the story a little bit doesn’t make me surprise that’s what will sell if they try yo make it seem as if there’s bad blood between them