Tension at Achimota Hospital as policemen clash with angry Nima

Soldiers have been dispatched to the Achimota Government Hospital in Accra following a standoff between Policemen and some youth from Nima sparked by the death of a commercial motor rider.

According to Starr News sources, the Nima youth stormed the premises of the hospital claiming a police officer caused the death of the rider Wednesday afternoon.

Reports say the rider died after he was allegedly dragged from his bike by the Police officer and smashed by an oncoming vehicle while falling. The Police Officer reportedly pulled the rider after he failed to stop when he ordered him to.

The Okada rider was pronounced dead on arrival by officials of the Achimota Hospital.

The soldiers have been called in to restrain the youth who are threatening to attack the police officers.

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Source : Starrfm.com

Here we go again with another clash between the security services and the civilians. At times, police officer stop riders and drivers at unauthorized places. And when u stop there too, they will charge you for not parking :parking: at the inappropriate place. Both the police officer and the rider have not done well.
And those soldiers who have been deployed there should discharge their call to duty with common sense :wink:

Some of this police officers are nothing but unprofessionals. Because of lack of job, anybody wants to join the security services. Their actions towards civilians sometimes is surprising. Compared to how friendly and professional the security services in the developed countries are, we are sitting on a time bomb.

When will the police and public find peace together. there seem to be tension between the security forces and the people. Dragging motor rider because he refused to stop? Who trained the police officers, this is barbaric and unacceptable. Nima youths are peaceful people so I know they will seek appropriate redress than violence