Technology to the World

Phone & Computer which of these technology has impacted so much on the human race.

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I would say Smartphones. Mobile Phones have now become a ‘part and parcel’ of our life. We can’t even think about our life without the presence of mobile phones.

It helps us to stay connected with our family, friends, loved ones and society as well in variety of ways including: Calling, Text/Messages, E-mail, Video calling, Public or Social media.

A mobile phone can be considered as an important learning tool. With the help of the internet, we can find a suitable solution to each problem, satisfactory answers to each question and clarification of every doubt immediately.

Mobile phones are important tools for emergency services also. It’s a safety gadget which helps us to track exact locations through GPRS (General Packet Radio Services, a continuous connection to the internet for mobile phone and computer users)

Mobile phones, now-a-days, has become a source of entertainment for all its users by providing

— Videos for meditation/ different exercises

— Access to internet

— Apps for listening music

— Thousands of online and offline games application

— Apps for watching movies or videos

— Opportunity for children to watch videos and cartoon on mobile devices

Even daily soaps are telecasted with the help of some special apps on mobile.

As per records, 42% of cell owners used their phone for entertainment

_Consider how you are entertained with OmanbaForum. You only need a smartphone.

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Well for the most impact its computers because for the most part phones are just miniature computers and everything is getting smaller from laptops to tablets then to phones and now foldable phones exsit all tying to become that one device which is the computer .
Laptops out of the picture there is no doubt that phones have made a huge impact on culture and how we communicate but it stems from the introduction of the personal computer and the idea that each person should own one.
When that idea is trickled down, you have smartphones and some phones do try to be more ambitious taking more multitasking features which is a big influence from computers.

So computers have the biggest influence because it influences smartphones. Computer are the bases of most discoveries and technological break throughs (eg. Space exploration) . You need a computer to make a smartphone, you need a computer to code software for the phone, you need a computer to design the UI. There are about infinite examples to give on how huge of an impact computers have. Take transport systems for example. Smartphones simply form a subset of the culture.

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For me, I’ll say a phone is also a computer. But looking at the context of your question, every adult in this world has a mobile phone today. It has made several things easier to do; text, calling, etc. Many people can also access the internet exposing them to a variety of information and allows people to associate with one another and discuss issues in the society. Although Desktop computers and laptops can also perform these functions and more, since the phone is widely used, I’ll say the phone has impacted our lives more.

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Yh i agree with you but he said the human race. Morden day smart phones have not existed for more than 25yrs. And smartphones are trying hard to have more computerlike features from usb type C, to fingerprint scanners and even with software, as phones apps displayed on the home screen are concepts directly copied from computers. That alone stands the more reason why dedicated computers have had the most impact.

In addition without computers, smartphones are just utterly useless to perform thier main purpose because you need computers to run the network servers to provide Internet services wirelessly though satellites.

And with the question just move out of the consumer based use of technology.
The medical field alone has seen a huge revolution not because of smart phones but dedicated computers. For example UV scanners, ultrasound scanners, life support and radiology equipments used in the medical field. Computer guidance improves the geometrical accuracy during surgery. Now doctors can perform more accurate, safe and breakthrough surgerys in the 21st century.

I do understand that certain features have made thier debut on smartphones first and phones have advanced rapidly but the computer always has to stay ahead to make the phones better.

So per question he asked, smartphones are beginning kick off and for as long they exist would always be influenced by dedicated computers. I understand the smartphone is technically a computer per its makeup but it’s not a dedicated one and the smartphone can never outrank or have a bigger impact on the human race than a dedicated computer because of how long the computer has existed way before smartphone.


For me i will say phones , its advancement has been nothing but impeccable, i agree with your opinions that smart phones are mini computers and now the modernized phones are probably portable computers but phones can make calls and we can’t take that one away, this has helped humanity in so many ways moreover computer use to be expensive back then , it was easier for the people to have a phone rather than a compute. i believe they’ve both impacted but phones have more impact on humanity


I think you have a good point because with a phone u only need data which is easy to come by hence having the world around u but with computer u still need access to the internet which isn’t that easy.

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Quiet clever Felix, calls are being made each and every day that quiet a punchline.


I think phones has an upper hand, because Randy, I also think from computer came phones and after phones were made people cant go a day without phones and with phones calls are being made each and everyday.

anyway thanks for your insight.

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Yh i understand all that has been said and i agree but per the question you asked you said the human race and that accounts for more than one aspect.
All the arguments here saying phones are the most impactful device leads to them saying one thing and that’s communication but outside communication we are talking about the human race here the impact of phones compared to what dedicated computer have done and what they are doing come on people :joy::joy:.
Talk about manufacturing, talk about people with disabilities, talk about military with the defence and not to even mention entertainment where you need computers to editing and make movies, talk about archeology and exploration. You said the human race but it seems you are talking about CONSUMERISM that might lead to siding with smartphones per what you are saying. Without computers working our phones are useless.

Communication is just another aspect where the phones dominates with convince.
Look outside that or unless you meant the best consumer centric device because you said the human race and thats huge.
Computers begun from the 1800’s and the personal computer has been in existence for about 50 yrs since the 1970’s. The world’s financial system run on computers so saying, the clutch of humanity’s existence right runs concurrently with computers so to make a statement based on just communication alone as the reason why the smartphone is the most impactful, is turning a blind eye not just to the history of technology but the human race itself. The smartphone phone is literally a baby as compared the impact of computers.

So removing myself from the present day and accounting for the the human race for as long as the smartphone has literally existed, it’s deadbeat to side with your arguments.


It makes sense, it through computers that most inventions has been made not mobile phones, it seems like computers has impacted more, take a second and analyze the numerous contributions a computer program has had on humans ,systems created , networks , codings which has developed into visible outcomes, … I think @Randy_Key is right

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Oh Randy, I know computers has been the bed rock of mobile phones and I agree with what being said but how many people use computer each and every day, just few hence talk of those in our remote areas. Sorry to pose this question to you in yr daily routine how many times do u check yr computer nd phone.

For my use case the computer is what I use more as an online student. I can’t use my phone effectively to study or attend classes or prepare assignments. I mean morning to evening classes. Similarly in most professional environments you need to constantly operate using a computer its inevitable. So alot people use computers each and everyday to some its the basic necessity for thier operations architects, programmers, engineers etc. Not to even mention the work form home movement going on in the world. And you didn’t ask about use case you said impact on the human race so you are talking about all aspects of life not just communication.
Before smartphones became consumers centric we were communicating sending messages, emails, videocalls etc with pc’s and the smartphone just made it convenient.
The morden day smart phone hasn’t been in existence for more than 25 yrs and you are comparing its impact to computers that have been in existence for almost 200yrs. No matter how you look at it, there are more who have existed that have benefited from the use of computers than smartphones( the human race)

Even just look at the rise of the Internet look at big tech, Amazon, PayPal and Facebook all went big because of computers not because of smartphone phones.
Smartphones later got in on the action and accelerated the industry, so you just can’t ignore the use case of computers and justify that for the few year that the smartphone has been in existence makes it the device that has the most impact.
In the personal space smartphones phones(used more) and computers are used simultaneously and outside that the computer is the default device. The computer is the most synonymous device with the name technology.

So the whole point is regardless of how smartphones are are now ubiquitous you can’t take one use case of convince with communication and serve it as the reason why the smartphone is the most impactful because computers are the necessity for the operation of the world.
We are talking about the human race. That’s huge.