Team No sleep till dawn

Some people are already snoring this afternoon of 12: 10 am , you value your health that much huh. You can’t do this in Europe, you sleep 4 hours a day and work throughout the rest of the day.

Small rain and everyone turn chicken. Sleep less and make more money , learn more., think more, and do more. Okay I’m going to sleep, good night.

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This guy paaa :smiley: what part of 12:10am is afternoon?

BTW sleeping less is unhealthy, you’ll die early and what’ll be the sense of working all day/night and dying early leaving the money you worked so hard for?



Yh Big man I agree with you. You don’t have to be lazy, you need to work and be industrious as well yet you don’t have to be a workaholic. You need to get a sufficient rest.

Hahaha and the irony of adding

Okay I’m going to sleep, good night.

at the end.

That got me rolling :rofl::rofl:

yh, haha :rofl: :rofl:. Meaning he knows what’s best