Tamale:Three people died many others injured as man fires gunshots at funeral grounds

Three people died whiles many others are nursing their injuries as man fires gunshots at funeral grounds at agric last traffic near Ambariya Muslim senior school in tamale.

A source close to the point where the incident happened revealed that, two family brothers started the fight, Musah and Abdul ganiu, Musah and Abdul ganiu happens to share the same father but different mother’s.

They both met at the funeral grounds and could not hold on to their anger and argue on a particular matter that should settle at home, few minutes later, Abdul ganiu went home and brought a gun, shoot the brother on the face, later he shoot another man who appeared to calm him down, this prompt the people around to beat him to death with sticks and stones, the bodies are conveyed by police service and deposited at the tamale teaching hospital for further investigations. This sad incident happened on 13 January 2021.

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