Tallest man in Ho pleads for help

Charles Sogli, a welding apprentice in Ho, is unable to board any public transport due to his unusual height, 7.10ft. Popularly called, ‘Charles taller’, His height attracts stares from fellow pedestrians, who are amazed by his extra large features, anytime he walks to and from work.

Speaking in an interview with Joy News, the third-born of five children, lamented that, “I dropped out of school at Primary 5 in Ziope in the Agortime Ziope District of the Volta Region, because I couldn’t have any sandals or shoes for my large feet. ”The challenge with transportation is serious, as drivers and even operators of tricycles won’t pick him because of his height and weight.

“Drivers don’t pick me up anytime I stop them because they say I am too tall and cannot fit well into their cars. So I always walk to work and back home unless someone is really touched to give me a lift.”

“I will be happy if people can help me with sandals and shoes, which should be specially designed for me. I also need dresses and a means of transport. I am also pleading with drivers to pick me anytime I stop them, ” Charles pleaded.

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He can tap into the gift of tallness to upgrade and support himself. There’s no need publicly asking for help. God knows why he is tall . Na why didn’t he go to military cos I hear they want tall people. Again, dear Ghana ladies, you said you want tall handome dark men.

I wonder how the gentleman is still seeking help when you the ladies can go and do justice to him.

The way the thing is going , unless he goes to Kantanka for him to train him and resource him in the field of cat makingm He may create a car customized car that suit him. Trotro and taxi won’t help such a tall person. I think he indeed needs help. International help.

I really want something like this but I no dey get wey he dey complain

This man is abnormally tall. If he should have been born in another country other than Ghana, I am sure visitors and tourists will travel from far and near just to watch him. Money wouldn’t have been his problem by now.

7 feet plus is no joke. You’ll be fed up. :joy:

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He even av a gym center behind him :joy::joy::joy: