Support for Ghanaian programmers

I’d like OF members to know we can discuss and learn programming together. I’m a pro programmer working in Austria and would like to extend support to any member interested in programming. Ask away if you’re interested in programming and if and when I can (with other members) we’ll help you out. There aren’t many Ghanaian programmers that I know and it’d be nice to have our own online “ghetto” here. :wink:


Nice to hear that. I want to learn programming so am in for it.

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This is a great initiative by all standards. I believe some members here will benefit greatly from this if they avail themselves for it.let’s take advantage of this ooo computer literates. We hope to see more of such gestures from you in future.

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It’s being my dream to learn everything that got to do with computer and technology as a whole. I will be very happy if I get the chance to learn programming. I’m all in and thanks for such a wonderful initiative

Great initiative sir. The world can’t do without Programming. It can be daunting but I have confidence that it can be done. I want to know something about the age. Someone in his mid 30s. Can he still become a pro programmer? I mean, with little knowledge on programming so far. @siaw

Don’t let the age discourage you. I’ve seen people in their 40s and 50s gone on to become senior software engineers without knowing much. It’s a challenge, but a conquerable one. Ask away if you need information on building specific things, learning about different paradigms etc. “Programming” is quite a broad subject.

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Where did you start learning? Would love to but don’t know much

I started from home on my own, with the help of google and StackOverflow over a decade ago. Almost everything I know is through Google and I got more experienced started asking real humans in online groups, then bought books, etc. Got almost 100 physical programming books that I learn from.

So I started online, then got to physical resources.


Man am also a programmer. I will say local programmer :grin:

So man what project u on?

Cool to have you once again :pray:t5:

I can’t discuss the project I’m working on but I work with Elixir, Ruby and JavaScript. Learning Go at the moment.


i’m very interested to learn

I use Python, Java and JS for programming. I’m AI inclined.

Awesome! We have a common language: JS! :smiley: Though AI and ML I shy away from hahahaha. We’ll talk about JS when I make posts on them.

Sounds good, what do you want to build with programming? What kind of applications are you interested in?

That will be great
I’m looking forward to it

Great initiative. This is good.