Students advised to cultivate habit of investment, saving whiles in school

A partner at a financial auditing firm, KPMG, Reindorf Annor has stressed the need for students to cultivate the habit of saving in order to be financially stable once they are ready to step into the world of work after school.

He advised students to set priorities whilst in school and save a portion of their pocket money in investment accounts which would cater for them in times of unforeseen emergencies.

Speaking at a Financial literacy seminar organized by the University of Ghana Students Representative Council as part of this year’s SRC week celebrations, Mr. Annor stated that it is important for students to save irrespective of the amount one may be investing in order to keep a hold of oneself at any point in time.

“You need to cultivate the habit of investment. Let your money work for you, if you have ten cedis today and that is what you can spare let it work for you. It is important than having the money kept under your pillow. Well, someone may say that I may have a savings account and it may earn interest but that interest may not be enough so it is better you put your money in an Mfund or some other investments that will earn you a higher interest, that is making a smarter decision.”

Also, an Administrative Officer of Harley Reed, Miss Stephanie who was present at the seminar emphasized the need for students to enroll in professional courses whilst in school to be able to enhance one’s CV and gain employable skills.

“Now most people have a degree but what is the thing that sets you apart in the industry you find yourself in or whatever it is you want to be doing in the future what is the thing that sets you apart? And that is professional education. So, we want you to start thinking about it even before you finish school, there are a lot of you doing professional courses alongside your degree so by the time you finish and come out of school you have already acquired a certificate in those skills. So, start thinking about the world of work and what it requires of you,” she said.

Soource: radiouniverse

Good call though but it is not easy. In Ghana today, that’s a laborious thing to do.

This is a very important thing paa oo, herh when I completed shs I don’t believe I saved a penny. It’s a shame, it is very important habit to cultivate it really helps