Struggling With Expensive Data? Here's What To Do

The cost of data is a lot and this makes it hard for thousands of people to gain access to basic internet functions. This continues to widen the digital divide gap in poverty stricken communities. In this article we are going to give you pointers that might help in reducing the amount of money you spend on data.

Disable background applications

Smartphones are designed to be multifunctional. As such as it can be advantageous in running multiple programs simultaneously, it’s also a disadvantage in consuming a lot of your data bundles. Social media applications are the predominant ones that are popularly known for running in the background and sending you notifications if there’s a new message.

— Go to your phones settings

— Scroll until you find the “Apps” option

— Click on the app that consumes most of your data and disable it’s background activity.

Consider switching to wireless network

It’s no secret that WiFi is the most cheapest solution to reducing the amount of money you spend on data every month. I can also attest to that, because i have saved a lot of money after making the switch. Don’t worry if you can’t afford one as of yet, you can instead save up and plan for the upgrade.

— Shop around and find an affordable WiFi router that will not hurt your pocket.
— You can also lookup the prices online before visiting their physical stores.

Buy social media data

Telecommunication companies have came up with a wonderful idea and introduced data bundles that are specifically designed for social media usage. Instead of committing torm their exorbitant data plans, buy social media data - it’s so much cheaper and affordable.

— Compare different networks and see which one offers competitive prices.

— Which social media platform do you use the most? Buy more of it’s data and less of the one that you use less often.

We hope these tips are going to go a long way in helping you to save on data costs.


Thanks for this, I think it will help

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So far as MTN, Vodafone and Airtel Tigo are concerned, no amount of restrictions on your phone can help you save data. This tips might work best for those in developed countries. When was the last you bought data? How long did it last you with all these measures implemented? :joy: