Strictly hip hop rap battle; Who is who?

Chale who be your greatest and finest rapper amongst this list. It’s a tough one . Eminem for me though


Eii this dudes are all beasts in the game . I don’t have my favorite tho

My greatest is 50 Cent(Curtis Jackson) and he is not on the list.


You are perfectly right with your choice but since 50 cent is not here, you got to pick from these list and give reasons why you prefer the Rapper. By the way, what’s about 50 cent’s rap that you love. Maybe he’s not in this list because he’s from a different generation @emp_sel

Tough line up but will go for Drake

I think 50cent and Eminem are from the same generation. I could be wrong though.

But on a more serious note, Drake is not a rapper we all can attest to that fact but the competition between the others will be :ghost: but on a personal level I will say J Cole

Good you mentioned it. I was wondering why he’s on the list.

Sure Drake no dey rap

I will go with Drake