Stray bullet kills pastor during morning devotion in his home

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A head pastor of the Glorious Gospel Fire Assembly in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, has died after he was hit by a stray bullet.

It is said that Pastor John Onu was penetrated by a police stray bullet at his house while observing his morning devotion.

The tragic incident occurred in Nkaliki, when security agents stormed the area to stop the irate youth from destroying a hotel owned by a politician from the area.

The youth had gone on rampage, burning houses in the area after a man in Ebyia Upnuhu community was beaten up and died in the process.

They attacked the hotel belonging to one Chukwudi Onyibe, who is a Special Assistant to the Chairman of Abakaliki local government, Emmanuel Nwangele, on Internally Generated Revenue.

The security agents shot sporadically to disperse the irate youth, but a stray bullet hit the pastor, living opposite the hotel, who was observing his morning devotion.

The bullet reportedly hit him on the upper side of his chest and pierced through his back.

The Assistant Police Public Relations of the state Police Command, Philip Levi, confirmed the incident but said everything has been brought under control.


Too sad his god couldn’t block the bullet. Useless god.

Obviously, he’s NOT the lord’s anointed.

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Awww sorry for him. My condolences to his family

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Massa aden? Why do you keep attacking our belief system unprovoked. If I called you useless right now , the admin will flag my post accompanied with other warnings but sees your incessant attacks on religion and looks away.

See the next time you come attacking God when we don’t come attacking or insulting your atheistism, you won’t get easy kwraa oo. Let’s respect each other believes. Be your atheist and let’s be our Christians and Muslims in peace. Thanks.

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What’s your belief system? I never mentioned your belief system here.

I wouldn’t mind at all.

I HAVE NOT mentioned any religion here not attacked your nor anymore. I said “useless god”, I didn’t mention your god’s name? :confused:

You’re taking this very personal. Show me where I attacked your god or your religion?

Please don’t try to play a smart one here. You were responding to the story on this thread. A pastor was having his morning devotion and was hit by a stray bullet. The pastor is a Christian, unless you want to tell me that your atheistism performs morning devotion.

I’m calling your attention cos it’s not the first or second time I saw you on this platform condesceding and ostensibly insulting Christianity.

Religion is not beyond reproach or criticisms, you can criticise but the names calling does not sit for me . We will defend what we believe in so take note. Unless of course, the admin bans me.

I entreat you to be circumspect since we want to have useful discourse here.


Sure the pastor is a christian. But there are so many denominations, which one are you defending? Because the gods of all the denominations are not the same. For example, the god of the Jehovah’s witnesses doesn’t like blood transfusions, but they are Christians and they have pastors. The catholic church god allows drinking. So obviously they are different. Which one are you defending? Then I’ll apologise if I attacked yours.

btw, why are you defending your god, can’t he defend himself? :thinking:

Wow this isn’t funny, the anointing didn’t protect him from a stray bullet :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:

Exactly, that’s why I don’t get what @Kusie_Maame_Twe is trying to defend here.

False knowledge is worse than ignorance. You think you have read books to make you believe Christianity is not proper.

Do the denominations have a different name they call God? If the style and activities of a denomination is different doesn’t make mean there’s any problem. They all call God, God,

Stop professing your ignorance because you think our belief doesn’t make sense to you , an atheist .

I’m not sure he serves a living god

I haven’t read any book. I’m just using logic and common sense. Christians and Muslims have completely different teachings. Sometimes they even oppose each other. What makes you think Christianity is the right religion? There can ONLY BE ONE correct answer. There are millions of answers so why do you think Christianity is legit?

“God” is a title. Not a name. It’s like saying “president”, which president? Akuffo Addo or Joe Biden?

[quote=“kod, post:9, topic:3735, full:true”]
Exactly, that’s why I don’t get what @Kusie_Maame_Twe is trying to defend [/quote]

You see why you are still blind and ignorant on this thing? The bible never said christains will not die, neither did it say how we will die.

My point is; stop the insults cos we equally know how to insult those who don’t believe in the bible. Believe what you believe and allow others to do same. Freedom of association and worship.

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You that you serve a living God nu, you won’t die one day right. ? You know how you will die right? Shm


So this is not an insult? OK.

Ah, na the insult kraaa where is it. Point it out to me eh?

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I can’t find the insult he/she is talking about chale

Keep displaying your ignorance. But the attack die, if I see, I will reply. 3ne3 the beef go sauce waa.

Atheist vrs Christian

Let the admin know that you started it . I was minding my business when you came insulting someone I believe and trust in.

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I didn’t start shit. You wanted to start a fight but failed.

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