Strange scenes as NPP MP’s bag of rice is thrown back at him by Damango youths

The youth of Damango rejecting rice donation from their MP Samuel Abu Jinapor, Minister of Lands and Natural Resources and former Deputy Chief of Staff.
Damango Youth say they need JOBS not rice.

An NPP member of Parliament, Abu Dzinapor has receive backlashes from Damongo you the for lack of developmental projects in their area.

The people have this afternoon rejected the free bags of rice he decided to give them

He had gone round distributing the bags of rice among the people. This was meant to be given to them for free. But the angry youth were not pleased enough s they bounced the rice back to the sender.

Abu Dzinapor and his boys visited the people with a bucky full of bags of rice. One punishment in the matter is that, the people kept quite and watch the MP and his boys completely offload the pickup full of rice

After the offloading, they also watched them distribut them among the people.

After few moments, they started throwing the backs of rice back at him. Their reasons was that they need development. Not freebies. So he calmly reloaded the bags of rice into the pickup and went away


’'When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty’’** -Thomas Jefferson.

We all have needs and as youths, the responsibility becomes more. Sporadic distribution of bags of rice, cooking oil, washing soaps, canned foods won’t cut it. They should stop treating as if we are in the refugee camp. This nonsense must stop. We need jobs not this. Create a stimulating environment for us to perform and become better.

Thank you , we need jobs not this, we don’t need handouts oo, give us job so we can feed ourselves and our families, they out here with cameras looking like they helping the youth but deep down wants to cage us …how long is that bag of rice going to last, they keep trying to avoid the real situation