Stonewboy: Musician Praises Shatta Wale; says he is Proud of him

Ghanaian musician, Stonebwoy, has highly praised his colleague Shatta Wale and said he is doing incredibly well for himself.

Stonebwoy is reported to have said that Shatta Wale is working hard to put Ghana on the map and that is one thing he is so proud of. He was quick to add, however, that he is also doing well for himself and Ghana, and he knows Shatta Wale is also proud of him.

Big ups to Shatta Wale himself. He is doing so well for himself and we are all putting Ghana on the map. I’m proud of him and I also know he is super proud of me,”

Stonebwoy said.

He was speaking on the past rivalry between him and Shatta Wale. According to Stonebwoy, their rivalry is the biggest after Vybes Kartel and Movado in Jamaica. He indicated that he was happy he is now on good terms with Shatta Wale, who also doubles as his cousin, according to Shatta Wale’s mother. Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale’s rivalry became more serious at the 2019 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA). Stonebwoy pulled a gun on stage in self-defense when Shatta Wale was approaching the stage. This was after Stonebwoy had been declared the winner of the Dancehall Song of the year and he was making a remark.


As a member of beefnation and a proud patron of catlasnation, I don’t endorse the “peace” and calm between shatta and stoneboy. We must make the industry a vibrant and hot one. Since those two united after the VGMA impass, the dancehall music in Ghana has been slow.

I am an advocate for peace and I like what’s going on between these two. They nearly killed themselves bacause of musical rivalry. I don’t agree with those who believe in beef and fights to make the industry “sweet”

Solidarity, Camaraderie and Togethers are what we should always strive for regardless of our position or occupation in life. Bickering and always being at each other’s throat isn’t a healthy thing to be doing.

The two musicians are people in leadership positions. People look up to them so they should behave more.