Stephanie Benson clears the air over fabricated story after flaunting her daughters and their partners

UK-based Ghanaian international singer and performer, Stephanie Benson, has opened up about comments she received after flaunting her daughters and their partners. Following the post, there were reports that Stephanie Benson insinuated that her daughters were dating foreigners because Ghanaian men were too short for them.

Stephanie Benson has however cleared the air and indicated that her words were fabricated for obvious diabolic reasons.

According to her, she was addressing a tweet after she posted the photos of her pretty daughters when the issue about height came in. The 69 singer stated emphatically that she was not and did not have any intention of denigrating Ghanaian men but rather, some media portals just wanted her to look bad.

She indicated that:

“I love all different sizes types of men and so do my beautiful children. What has always been and will always be important to us as a family, is a man’s character. It’s a shame that in the process of fabricating facts, they are actually labelling themselves in their own chosen negative words.”

She went on to add that even her daughters were of average height with the tallest being 6ft and the shortest coming in at 5ft 8inches therefore it would be unheard of for her to make such a conclusion about Ghanaian men.

"I didn’t say that, they are actually saying those words to you. The facts are I have children who are over average height and my shortest child is 5ft 8inc. I am 5ft.5inches which is average height. My words was to a comment on Twitter.

According to her, her reaction was to a particular question posed to her by a loyal follower and she gave a befitting response which was taken out of context.

"It was solely directed to a specific comment by a Twitter follower who asked a specific question about him. Asking if all my children are taken. My answer was the only time they came to Accra for 2 weeks the guys we hang out with were quite shorter than they were, so there’s a height criteria for him.

Stephanie Benson went on to add that she did not ascribe to looking down on anyone and sent fair warning to those who always try their hardest to quote her out of context. She added that she was a very welcoming and fun-loving person and carried the same energy to build her brand and fanbase.

"That was the extent of the conversation. No more no less. I generally do not care much for negative comments labelling my children because of hatred for me will not end well. My page is all about fun, family, joy, hope and truth. Nothing negative there at all.


When you are a celeb any tiny mistake will cost you a lot , even if the mistake was write I always before you post something out there as a celeb thing about all the negatives that could be associated with what you said , don’t even think about how positively it can impact others because people are out here looking for agenda and contents so they might fabricate facts.

Madam benson is a beautiful and resourceful woman by all standards . She can flaunt her wealth and children or close relatIves all she wants. The living and mindset of Ghanaians living abroad is quite different from our mentality here.

Ghanaians talk too much ,everything, they have a problem with it. They will want to correct and direct you on how to live your own life.