Spirituality not Religion: Just my thoughts

"Spirituality is not theology or ideology, it is a way of life, pure and original. Spirituality is a network linking us to the Creator, the Universe, and each other.

Africans are in bondage today because they approach spirituality through religion provided by foreign invaders and conquerors. Religion has become a tool for Power Struggle.

Every Creation must have and has a connection to its Creator and there must be a door, a transcendence if you may; and in the case of humans, spirituality is the connection to the Creator.

There is always a niche about the existence and presence of the most high, a Creator, a Master Architect that is inherent in the human psyche and essence (soul/spirit).

My take: there’s no such thing as separate destinies, all humans are connected to one destiny, believe it or not, if only we will realize that and focus on that. That we don’t see eye to eye is the root cause of our situation-ships and it will continue to be". Aharon

How did you come to this conclusion?