Some of the interesting Culture in Ghana

Culture they say is dynamic. It is how a group of people live their live.

Ghana have had some interesting cultural beliefs but we seem to have left those cultures and now follows the Western culture.

Konkombas are people from the Northern part of the country and some part of the Volta Region. They are people with interesting culture which they still practice.

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When a Konkomba man dies, the first born who is a male will automatically inherit his father’s wifes except his own mother, that is his step mother(s). This is a culture they still practice in Ghana, most of them are traditionalist so they marry more than wife and believe in their culture.

It is some how astonishing with turning your mother to your wife and start giving birth with her but like many people say, Culture is dynamic, and that is the life they want to live.

With civilization and religion now spreading everywhere in the World, some of them are now converting to be worshiping God and are now going against it as they see it to be evil.

There is another tribe from the Northern part of Ghana where if you marry a lady and she dies early, her family will give her little or junior sister to you for free. This tribe will be revealed in my next article so kindly follow my handle for it and to read more interesting articles.

Thank you for reading this article.

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