So what happened to that fake prophet Owusu Bempah?

In Ghana when something happens, they take it on for the first few days and later everything dies out, everyone forgets about it.

Where’s fake prophet Owusu Bempah? Is he in jail? I don’t know why this guy has so much attention in Ghana. What does he do for the country?


Hmmm this is why I was asking what a crime is under this current government

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Because he is the President’s prophet he can’t be allowed to be jailed. I think they both have some secrets that if he is jailed, it might be revealed.


Yeah…most likely. I wonder how he became the president’s prophet. Is the president even a Christian? Oh yeah…he’s building a cathedral…hehe

:joy::joy::joy: they will just get up bring stupid suggestions. Whiles other countries are thinking of which industries to be built so that they can generate more income, he is there saying national cathedral mtchww


There have been so many cases that have been dropped because the people forgot about it. This thing is sad. They’ll forget about that fake man of god Owusu Bempah, then case closed. No wonder we’re growing backwards. In Europe, if something’s 50 years kraaaa they’ll still pursue it and seek justice!! Ghana di3 gyimie saaa.