So ghana has a presidential jet

So the Republic of Ghana has a presidential jet, yet money is spent on another private jet

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Eii :flushed:.Na 3y3 abr) anaa​:pleading_face:

that’s the wickedness of our leaders.

Well this is what see when someone wants to become a president to fulfill a childhood dream.

No wonder we are still in crisis :rage::rage::rage:

I don’t see anything wrong with having a presidential jet. Buh my problem is that yy did our leaders refuse to learn from the whites

The point is, the nation got a presidential jet yet we rent and spend thousands to millions of the nation’s money whiles we got poor roads and abandoned projects.

Ghana is a rich country, but because of bad leadership we struggling

Bro, it is not wrong to have a presidential jet. The argument here is that, we have a fully functional presidential jet, yet we rent luxurious jets for the president on his travels. That’s outrageous oo. EI Ama Ghana