SHS graduate Commits suicide at Osu beach after warning rescuers he will carry them along

A tragic Incident has happened at a beach around Osu involving a Secondary school Graduate who allegedly took his life.

The young boy identified as Kelvyn reportedly drown at a beach located just behind Black Stars square but a critical look into the issue as narrated by eyewitnesses indicates he drowned on purpose.

According to the narrators of the story, the deceased jumped into the water and just when everyone realized his life was in danger, they attempted to rescue him as expected.

Shockingly, the victim told the rescuers not to dare approach him because he will carry them along on the mission he is about to execute which is killing himself.

Going deep into what could led the boy taking his life, his uncle reportedly confirmed he was a past student of Osu Presbyterian School and recently sent an application to the school to teach but can’t establish if that move was successful or not.

In as much as I can’t speak to the death of this guy, the struggle of this life is capable of derailing you if you don’t have a solid foundation. Everyone have personal battles they fight every now and then. Let’s be there for one another for we know not what one is going through.

Depression is a real thing and Ghanaians don’t like to accept that 50% of us are suffering from depression. Therapy has never been an option for Africans. So we keep it all in till we can’t control the thoughts anymore. This thing err