Should Okada be banned? [POLL]

Should Okada be banned? The result of this poll will give us insights into what young Ghanaians around the Globe are thinking, thanks to Omanba.

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It’s good you brought this up, normally on any occasion I might vote Yes,I changed my perception after talking to one Okada guy, the rate of unemployment is still very high in Ghana. The ‘okada job’ has been his source of income after being laid off work during the COVID pandemic. He then stated “there are delivery guys riding around on bikes. How is that not illegal, every job has it hazard .”

I’ve been against okada, but now my after careful consideration I realize me being against it is because I think it is risky and dangerous … but so is any other job


Sometimes you wish to go to work early Buh due to traffic you have to pick Okada. And these has been helpful to many people and I see no reason why it should be banned

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Must we continue to condone nuisance because of unemployment? Is it about time we broaden our horizon and this conversation to robust but feasible ways enployment can be created rather than instant gratifications with adhoc measures. There are lots of dead factories that can be revived to put these people into active jobs.

Let’s weigh the pros and cons of okada activities in this country, especially the big cities like Accra, Kumasi and the rest, they have have done more harm than good on our roads. If we find excuses for everything that draws us backwards, we will continue to complain about why we are still lagging.


The poll will go on for a week. Ends next Tuesday 10am.

That’s true and that’s part of the problem here. You pick okada when there’s trafic because you know the okada rider doesn’t and will not obey trafic rules on the road. The jump red lights, overspeed at their own will so they can hurry for another customer. That’s how accidents and death tolls keep increasing.


To me I don’t see anything wrong with okada.

Would an alternative be provided if Okada should be banned? We should consider more of a regulation than banning!

There are some good points in this thread: Get rid of Okada Bikes?

I get your point chief, but the question is no government has attempted to revive these dead factories, should we keep protesting or take action… because man has got to eat … I feel educating them no road safety precautions and enforcing the road and traffic laws is better than the ban… my thoughts tho


When we lock our minds on one way of doing things (which is obviously our situation) - herein Okada is the only way, then nothing will change. @siaw mentioned accepting mediocrity, it literally molds our entire thought process and reflects on our attitudes. You know, Ghana is a country of extremely intelligent and well-educated people, foreign-trained and what have u, but get back to Ghana and your old self returns. Question is why?

This will require cash. The government claims it doesn’t have cash. So what now? :thinking:
We’re left with one option only then… BAN.

Like I said in yesterday’s thread on this topic, stricter regulations and monitoring can streamline the activities of these commercial riders but look, this is Ghana where no one watches anyone. Banning completely may not be option but possible if we have sensible governance system. Alternatives can be created for the riders. I’m speaking like this because I’m tired of seeing rampant accidents caused by motorbikes.

I thought NPP promised these riders alternative with some small cars during the campaign time , what happened to that policy? The usual rhetorics huh. All these comes to the same doorstep, Leadership, enforcement, political will, and common sense. Chale , I give up sef.

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Bro i am with you on this side. Teach the people how to protect themselves, enforce rules to the using of okada . Then with these you can hold them responsible for any miss conduct better than banning it

What about those places without good roads and the only means of transport is okada. Should the people be trekking before they go to their home towns?

The government should use the V8 and cathedral money to build roads for them.


Even with that they can’t ban it

Another thing that hurts so bad to the core is the building of a cathedral - that was it for me. It became apparent that our leader is indeed 74 and we need a 40 year old leader

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This stems from the fact that in most African countries, we think old = wise.

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This thing sounds funny and it will never happen because of how selfish our leaders are. This same government is claiming our economy has being affected badly because of Covid-19 which means development projects which includes construction of roads must hang in the air for now.
Meanwhile this same government has secured a loan of 28million US Dollars or 165.2 million Ghana Cedis for the procurement of brand new tear- rubber V8s for all 275 Members of Ghana’s Parliament which could have being used for construction of such roads. Isn’t this madness