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Should anyone bring a child into existence?

Should anyone bring a child into existence?

I’ve been lately thinking more and more about this and I think is something that you can hopefully relate to it as well.

This not a conversation about wether bringing a child into this word is a good thing or not, but rather the entire process of bringing a child into existence and making sure that child grows up to be a well contributor into society and not just giving birth

One popular reason why most people choose to bring children into existence has to do with, passing on their name to the next generation or having someone to assist them when they need it.

Some people give birth simply to feel the joy of seeing their own child growing up.
And not having a child today in our society can even be a cause for shame sometimes

Is all valid reasoning. but one indispensable thing that we all can relate to is, how well are we as providers, in terms of providing physical material need for our kids or whoever might be involved. Because having a child doesn’t come cheap

The reason for this post has do with how many people are suffering in silence, just because someone decide one day to boss a woman’s leg wide open and get her pregnant.
That person might not be having much going on in his own life, and bringing someone into existence is just unnecessary

I strongly believe is important one does personal examination before deciding to bring a child into existence or not.

What do you think :smile: let’s keep the conversation going down below