Should Africans practice democracy?

I’ve been lately thinking more and more about the fact that democracy is not performing as a governmental system and so should a vast continent like Africa embrace the western system we know today as democracy.

As we will all agree democracy is not just about figuring out who should rule, but also the people that support those ideas.
Most often I love to point out that Africans don’t have the understanding and virtue that a democratic country needs to flourish. I’m talking of how diverse we’re as a continent with many languages and cultures which poses a strong challenge to democracy. Unless my belief is proven wrong, because all democratic nations don’t have much of a diversity like African nations we see today

Sometimes I feel that our diversity leaves no room for a democratic system, and loving democracy is not enough because the main structures is lacking on our continent

Do you think we need a different system something that reflects more of us as a people?

Feel free to your thoughts as always about what you think on this particular topic and thanks for reading