She never accepted my proposal for three years when she was alive” – Young man says as he kisses obituary of lady who passed on

The sudden demise of a 21-year-old young lady has broken the heart of a young man who had been trying to get her to accept his proposal when she was alive.

According to this gentleman, he had tried for three years to talk the lady into accepting to start an amorous relationship with him to no avail.

Reacting to the death of the lady, this gentleman went to one of the Obituaries and started kissing the photo of the deceased lady on the lips.

According to his explanation, since the lady had died without saying yes to his proposal, the only chance he had got is to kiss her poster. True to his words, he turned to the obituary poster and kissed it with every energy he has left in him.

He also expressed sadness at the news of the demise of the beautiful damsel. However, he felt the only way he could get intimate with the lady after her death, was to kiss her obituary photos.

His reaction also served as a subtle message to ladies to accept the proposals of guys who express genuine interest in them since “life is short.”

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Then he should also follow her to the grave errh . Now a days everybody wants to show in the news nti dey are just doing stupid things

So what is this guy trying to say, that the deceased would have lived if he accepted his proposal or what? He is making no sense and just wants attention :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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If this ain’t madness then what else is it. The lady didn’t accept your proposal before passing on so you need to kiss her funeral poster? This guy is technically insane but he thought he was doing something right because the lady didn’t accept him for three years and now she’s dead.

That’s all. Following her to the grave will be the best thing that ever happened to him. Guy wei paaa

I don’t even understand. That’s exactly what the guy is trying to say. It’s like if the lady accepted him, she would have being alive by now. The guy needs surgery in the brain. Are you God to know that she’ll live if she accepted you?

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The guy have a serious problem in the head. He just feel he’s right in saying the lady didn’t accept his proposal and now she’s gone. If she didn’t accept you for three years, did you ever ask yourself the reason why she wasn’t interested in you? And also the three years the guy is claiming he proposed to the lady and she never accepted, didn’t he go in for a different lady in the three years? This guy is so sick

Now the guy turn giver of life oo​:joy::joy::joy::joy:. Kwerh see ein gymiee lifestyle bee

He’s simply fooling and that’s it. He is even inciting himself for a serious allegations of killing. If the family takes this matter seriously, the guy will be in trouble. People should be responsible about their utterances

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:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: I cant stop laughing. Now what I’ve noticed is that everyone want social media trending that why the guy is doing this. I don’t understand is the guy trying to say that if the lady accepted her proposal she wouldn’t hv die, the questions is
Is he God?

This guy need to be sent to the hospital to be examined on. And I need to see him too, it seems he can give extra life. Isn’t this funny? :joy::joy:

Bro he is fooling with a mix of first class madness in it. I’m not sure any person in his right senses will he was doing

The guy doesn’t know. What the guy just did can have a negative impact on the funeral service of the young lady and that is gonna cost the family. The family must sue the guy in court and next time he won’t repeat such foolishness

Bro for the sake of fame you’re disgracing yourself as well as your family? What I have problem with is, he just thought what he is doing is absolutely right and perfect too. People these days can do imaginable and crazy things just to catch attention

This look like ‘over my dead body’ kind of situation. :laughing:. People are mad in this country. If kissing the poster will bring him satisfaction and stillness, why not? :laughing:

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Saa gyimie nu saa gyimie nu wu b3ti wa sum taa heavy slap :wave: :joy::joy::joy:

I tell yo bro. Herhh Buh people get terms oo. My mind never come this statement yop oo. Over my dead body laaa :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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He make lucky sey by den the deceased was answering questions at her current location :joy::joy::joy:

This one weak me :joy::joy::broken_heart::broken_heart:. I’m sure by now the lady’s ghost is slapping the guy from behind but just that he’s not feeling it. Three years and yet the lady didn’t accept the guy means the guy needs deliverance from Rev. Obofour :joy::joy:

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It’s damn serious. If this was to happen in Kumawood movie, like by now the guy has already received two slaps :joy::joy:

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