Security in our Country

Among these five (5) security services which one has the public at heart or do you prefer and why.

Ghana Armed Forces
Ghana Police Service
Ghana Fire Service
Ghana Prisons Service
Ghana Immigration Service

Ghana National security. That’s what I prefer and believe they have the country at heart. The others are performing below expectations

Oh maame but National Security wasn’t mentioned in the question henceforth

All of them are bomb. The whole country is bomb! :boom:

The Armed Force are shooting people in protests.
Police Service are taking bribe.
Fire Service doesn’t have water almost always.
Prison Service are selling weed to inmates.
Immigration are not guarding the borders.

Nothing to be proud of here honestly.

Oh please then you are not being conscious in the country for these security services because someone told me that, it not easy being in these uniforms because being in these uniforms lies responsibilities. How can u judge ones mistake or wrong for all of them, people in these uniforms are making changes and we fail to see dat instead we only see the wrong someone will do forgetting that in every institution there is a bad nut. So pls appreciate one and talk about it.