Secret billionaire? Jackie Appiah reportedly owns 7 houses in East Legon

It seems the real billionaires are the quiet type as it has emerged that multiple award-winning Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah owns seven houses in East Legon.

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East Legon, a town in the Accra Metropolitan district, a district of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, is known for its plush settlement and is reportedly occupied by only the rich,.

Although acquiring a property in East Legon is extremely expensive, new reports claim that Jackie Appiah is cashing in on seven houses purchased by herself.

According to a celebrity gossip blog ‘cutie_julls’ – which blew the cover on Zionfelix’s pregnancy brouhaha – the “Take Me as Your Wife” actress owns seven houses in East Legone alone and has already rented them out.

“Meet Jackie Appiah. Certified East Legon landlady. We confirmed we own 7 houses in one of the plush areas in Accra, East Legon to be precise,” the blog claimed.

The blog claimed that even though Jackie Appiah owns these houses, she still lives in her mother’s house with her son. It said Jackie Appiah’s mother takes care of his son.

“She has filled all her houses with tenants and lives in her mom’s house with her son and her mom who helps her take very good care of her child while she juggles her busy schedules,” it concluded.

Some social media users were shocked about this revelation, others were genuinely happy for her.

“She’s dating Liberian president, why won’t she invest? Haba,” Instagram user ‘olaraicheoma’ speculated. Another fired a stray bullet: “Where is Bob Risky the famous billionaire? Papa Africa.”

Jackie Appiah is well known for living a boujee lifestyle, but she doesn’t flaunt her properties. She has travelled around the world, from Dubai to Greece (you can name the rest), and occasionally shares photos from her vacations on social media.

She, however, doesn’t show off where she lives or even her bedroom. The only bedroom she shows off are hotels where she lodges during vacations.

This is alleged and until she confirms it with property titles, I don’t believe she has 7 houses and lives with her mother , it’s a normal investment to do to get more money but I don’t believe the story is true

And since when does having 7 houses equals to being a billionaire? Material possession doesn’t make one a billionaire.

Jackie Appiah is allegedly dating the president of Liberia so it is possible she can own even 9 bedroom in East legon and other places. You know how our politicians spend borrowed money. But Jackie can also build her own Houses though