School is useless, the only thing needed is learning how to sign your signature and write your name – Rev Obofour

Founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel, Rev Obofour has asserted that schooling in a wider perspective is needless.
According to him in a sermon to his church members, schooling can earn one Degree, Ph.D. or any other higher certificate but its still needless.

He educated that the only more important to ones life is learning how to write your name and to some extend learning how to append a signature.

Though education is said to be one of the key tools to success, Rev Obofour said we in a new world and era where certificate does not count much.


He got that wrong. Schooling is no way needless. He might have made it without going to school but our paths are different. For some, school is all they’ve got. Nothing else works for them aside getting certificates. Let’s respect each other’s hustle.

Asem oooo
Obofour k)

Waa look ooo sorry to judge him that maybe that’s the only thing he knows and can write :writing_hand:

He is right in someway because schooling is now a big waste of time in this country. People work their butts off to pass through various educational institutions just to finish and sell bread by road side. This makes people to even wonder the essence of school in the country.

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