Salaga: Teacher grabbed for allegedly sodomising nine pupils

A teacher at Kulpi M/A Junior High School in the East Gonja Municipality of the Savannah Region is in the grips of police in Salaga for allegedly sodomizing nine pupils of the school.

Natomah Otabel was arrested in the early hours of Monday, September 27 following a complaint lodged by some family members of the victims.

The teacher has been teaching in that community for the past three years.

It is still unclear why the teacher allegedly engaged in that act but sources close to the school say this might not be his first time.

Police in Salaga have commenced investigations into the matter.

The victims are expected to be transported to the Salaga Government Hospital for medical examination.

The Municipal Education Directorate is tight-lipped about the matter.

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Eiii so these many girls we have in Ghana this teacher couldn’t get any ?? He needs to be lashed and after they should insert a stick in there so he know how it feels before he faces the law

The statement should have been mad clear. Now we don’t know if it guys or ladies he is sodomising. Buh as a teacher why would you do things like this. What are you teaching your students :sob:. Mercy

Lots of people are in the wrong profession just because of unemployment. They settle for just anything that comes their way and when the realities set in, they get exposed through some of these horrendous acts.

It’s true. Because of unemployment everybody wants a place to be . And also parents don’t allow their children to do what they wanted to do. Some parents dictate for their children in terms of education and it’s also bad .