Ruby Mentorship in Ghana 🇬🇭

I can be a mentor to one person on OF that’s using JS and/or Ruby :slight_smile:

I know it’s hard for Africans (for the most part) in general. Firstly, access to the internet is scarce and expensive, secondly, last I learned a considerable amount of people in Ghana mostly use phones to access the internet. It’s very challenging in our part of the world I must admit, I came from there so I know the hardships. :grimacing:


Yeah bro, very hard.

vanilla js or a particular framework?

Vanilla. Haven’t extensively used any of the frameworks.

ookay that’s cool. can you take me through ruby :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :grin:

No problem. I’m available if you have questions or need to grasp something. You can always ask anything here on OF and I’ll be here for you. :heart:

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Also accessibility issues have to do with the network itself, maven from google for instance will not let you download from its repositories if you do not use a VPN

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Wait, what?
And why’s that?

i really appreciate it :heart_eyes:, do you have any online materials that you can share with me?

First of all what’s your level in Ruby? And also, are you interested in Rails?

i am new to it. i am very interested

I’ll point you to a few resources. You’ll do the work mostly then ask things you don’t understand. I’ll then try to introduce to Rails if you’ll still be interested. I can also post some Ruby exercises from time to time so we do them together. Are you still in? :wink:

sure boss, i will make myself available paa.

Nice! Please give me some time to dig through some of the materials I started with. I’ll respond to this post later.

alright, take your time :grin:

No one knows, beng in Africa is justa whole set of other problems in itself


That’s true. And I noticed this a long time ago. For example there are not as many developer conferences in Africa as there are in Europe or the Americas. This continent ankasa. :frowning:

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I am in. I use ruby and javascript please

@buildwithallan good for you to join us. I am new to Ruby but I’m loving it so far. I am sure you can show me a thing or two with JavaScript. I look forward to that. Welcome to OF.